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"Excellent presentation -  very crisp and effective ..." 

"The seminar was very practical and addressed our needs ..." 

"I came away with some new ideas and ways of thinking ..." 

The practical two-day course that shows you how to
design the effective Data Warehouse or Data Mart. 

The First Place Learning Data Warehouse / Data Mart Dimensional Modeling Seminar will give you the information needed to design databases that support business intelligence processes.

The seminar provides insights to data warehousing design questions including:

  • What should be included in a Data Warehouse design?
  • What is dimensional modeling?
  • How the data mart be designed to support future growth?

A complete architecture is described showing how data is obtained, manipulated and put into usable form. This approach enables the developers of the data warehouse to implement quickly and operate on an on going basis. Seminar participants will learn by case study examples as well as by "hands on" experience.

These seminars include an effective mix of exercises and presentations. Our Tricks and Traps sections will show you how to avoid problems and make good choices. Students will learn how to design practical data warehouses and data marts.

  • HOW TO create dimensional data models
  • HOW TO model timebased data
  • HOW TO support drilldown, aggregation and pivot
  • HOW TO avoid traps and pitfalls
  • HOW TO design for data quality and controls

You will receive a comprehensive manual and dimensional modeling toolset that provides useful checklists, examples and reference material that will help you in your dimensional modeling efforts. The usefulness of the course continues long after the class sessions.  

You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the course.  

  • Data Warehouse/Data Mart Project Team Members
  • Data Warehouse/Data Mart Architects
  • Data Warehouse/Data Mart Designers
  • Data Warehouse/Data Mart Implementers
  • Database Administrators

    I. Introduction to Data Warehouse  
    • Decisions Impact the Bottom Line
    • Operational Data Versus Warehouse Data
    • Data timeliness, consistency, and comparability
    • Decision Support Goals
    • What Data Warehouse and Data Mart
    II. Dimensional Modeling Basics  
    • Top Down / Requirements Driven Approach
    • Multidimensional Model/Star Schema
    • Support Roll Up, Drill Down, and Pivot Analysis
    • Fact Tables and Dimension Tables
    • Time Phased / Temporal Data
    • Normalization and Denormalization
    • Model Granularity: Enterprise vs. Business Area
    III. Modeling Time Based Data  
    • Events and Intervals
    • Effective time vs. transaction time
    • Time Based Queries
    • Building a calendar
    IV. Star Schema Design  
    • Identify Facts and Dimensions
    • Designing Summarization Levels
    • 'Factless' Fact Tables
    • Slowly Changing Dimensions
    • The Star Schema
    • The Snowflake Schema
    • The Federated Data Warehouse
    V. Implementing the Data Warehouse Design  
    • Developing the Key Structure
    • Partitioning Data
    • Indexing Strategy
    • Query Optimization
  • The Analytical Puzzle

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