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"Excellent presentation -  very crisp and effective ..." 

"The seminar was very practical and addressed our needs ..." 

"I came away with some new ideas and ways of thinking ..." 

The intensive two-day course that teaches you the secrets
of Rapid Modeling with Teams and Groups. 

At this seminar you will learn the secrets of rapid model development using team methods. You will gain valuable insights into the job and responsibilities of the group facilitator as well as the responsibilities of other modeling contributors

The focus is on using group methods for data and process modeling in preparation for group leadership and participation. Before participating in this seminar students should have a solid grounding in the fundamentals of data and process modeling. This is a practical seminar which teaches students how to produce results in the targeted area.

This seminar includes an effective mix of exercises and presentations. Each step of the way the student learns through doing. Students will practical leadership skills as well as scribe and contributor skills. The most important types of group modeling sessions are included:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Enterprise Data Modeling
  • Enterprise Process Modeling
  • Process Modeling
  • Process Improvement
  • Conceptual Data Modeling
  • Logical Data Modeling
  • Object Modeling

    • HOW TO x
    • HOW TO get your group session off to a good start
    • HOW TO translate group outputs into practical results
    • HOW TO work with problem people
    • HOW TO generate ideas in groups
    • HOW TO use modeling tools in groups
    • HOW TO turn around an unproductive group
    • HOW TO gain consensus and reach decisions in groups
    • HOW TO build motivation and commitment in groups

    You will receive a comprehensive manual and rapid modelig toolkit that provides useful checklists, examples and reference material that will help you in your BPM efforts. The usefulness of the course continues long after the class sessions.  

    You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the course.  

  • Group Session Facilitators
  • Data and Process Modelers
  • Systems Analysts and Designers
  • Business and Information Technology Consultants
  • Group and Team Members
  • Data Administrators

    I. Introduction to Group Methods for Modeling  
    • Why Group Methods?
    • Benefits of Group Methods
    • Types of Group Sessions
    • Characteristics of Successful Groups
    II. Conducting an Effective Group Session  
    • Who does what?
    • Setting the Agenda
    • Preparing for the Session
    • Room Layout and Equipment
    • Building and Maintaining Momentum
    III. Conducting Planning and Idea Sessions  
    • Preparing the Inputs for the Session
    • Objectives of Planning Sessions
    • Example Agendas
    • Example Results
    • Following up the Session
    IV. Conducting High-Level Modeling Sessions  
    • Preparing the Inputs for the Session
    • Objectives of High-Level Modeling
    • Example Agendas
    • Example Results
    • Following up the Session
    V. Conducting Detail-Level Modeling Sessions  
    • Preparing the Inputs for the Session
    • Objectives of Detail-Level Modeling
    • Example Agendas
    • Example Results
    • Following up the Session
    VI. Group Leadership Methods and Techniques  
    • Asking Questions and Probing for Answers
    • Consensus Building
    • Generating Ideas
    • Evaluating Ideas
    • Using Presentation Materials and Equipment
    • Dealing with Difficult Group Members
    • Taking Risks
    • Encouraging Participation
    VII. Group Dynamics  
    • The Life Cycle of Groups
    • Blocks to Group Productivity and Energy
    • Harnessing the Power of the Group
    VIII. Applying What You Have Learned  
    • Understanding What You Have Learned
    • Creating An Action Plan
  • The Analytical Puzzle

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