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These seminars helps your organization to create and manage effective data warehouses and data marts. We work with your organization to bring together people, processes, tools, and training needed for success.

Essentials of Successful Data Warehouses and Data Marts Seminar

This cornerstone 2 day seminar will help you and your organization to benefit from data warehouses and data marts. You will learn how to: plan and organize a successful data warehouse project, determine warehouse business requirements, design the data warehouse/data mart, load the data warehouse/data mart, avoid traps and pitfalls, present information to users and manage the ongoing data warehouse.
Seminar Description

The practical two-day course that shows you how to design the effective Data Warehouse or Data Mart. You will learn how to: create dimensional data models, model timebased data, support query operations (drilldown, aggregation and pivot), avoid traps and pitfalls, and design for data quality and controls.
Seminar Description

The feature packed two-day course that gives you the tools to populate the effective Data Warehouse or Data Mart. extract data from source systems, cleanse and transform data, handle data and process errors, load the data warehouse, select data going into the data warehouse, load the data mart, avoid traps and pitfalls, and manage the ongoing ETL process.
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