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Business Process Engineering

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"Excellent presentation -  very crisp and effective ..." 

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First Place Learning is a business of First Place Software, Inc., a Minnesota Corporation. The company has served the Data Management community since 1989.

First Place Learning provides effective seminars designed to increase performance and produce desired results


First Place Learning provides effective seminars designed to increase performance and produce desired results

All First Place Learning seminars are delivered in an effective manner, emphasizing practical "hands on" experiences. Students receive the benefit of practical advise from experienced instructors and well designed course materials.

Each member of the faculty is an experienced practioner in the subjects taught. They spend the major of their work time making projects successful by applying the teachings of our seminars. Our instructors are selected based on both their knowledge of the subject area and their ability to teach and communicate.

Working with a wide range of businesses and government agencies has given our instructors insights into the practical application of Information Technology in many environments. They have developed business models covering subject areas such as: assets, customers, employees, products, services, organizations, locations, orders, inventory, processes, and projects.

Communications and training skills are strengths of our instructors who have presented and developed seminars with subjects ranging from Database Design to Business Process Modeling to Interpersonal Communication. We strongly believes that learning can be fun and that learning by doing is most effective.

Our instructors have earned advanced degrees and have been active in professional organizations. They has been speakers for the Data Administration Management Association (DAMA), the Project Management Institute (PMI) and other professional organizations.

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