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Business Process Engineering

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"Excellent presentation -  very crisp and effective ..." 

"The seminar was very practical and addressed our needs ..." 

"I came away with some new ideas and ways of thinking ..." 

First Place Learning provides effective seminars and presentations designed to increase performance and produce desired results. Our faculty members are available to speak to industy groups and conferences.

All First Place Learning seminars are delivered in an effective manner, emphasizing practical "hands on" experiences. Students receive the benefit of practical advice from experienced instructors and well designed course materials. Courses can be conducted specifically for your organization in both in-house and off-site formats.

Fits Your Needs
Examples and contents can be tailored for the needs of your specific organization and/or project.

Save Time and Money
Avoid or reduce travel related expenses for your staff. Economically train your whole team instead of just one member.

Builds The Team
The team shares and understands the same information. Sending one "lone scout" to a seminar is not as effective as the team approach.

Personal Attention
Gain the needed information from the seminar trainer through team and one-on-one sessions.

Training When You Need It
Conduct the seminar when you need the training not when public events happen to be scheduled. We believe that training is most effective when it applies directly to tasks immediately at hand. Project Kick-offs produce better results when the entire team "gets on board" and has a shared understanding of the project.

Vist Our eLearning Site - Get Your Training Online
Obtain immediate learning at our elearning website firstplacelearning.com. Online courses include:
  • Conceptual Data Modeling
  • Logical Data Modeling
  • Data Warehouse Essentials
  • Profitable Analytics
  • Data Structures for Analytics
  • Model Your Customer

    Learn By Doing
    We believe in learning by doing and have designed our seminars accordingly. Our skill building seminars include opportunities for "hands on" experience. Seminar participants are immersed in practical applications and experiences so that they are ready to be immediately productive in projects upon returning to the job. In fact, the project can be launched as part of the seminar.

    FAQ - Questions and Answers

    Where are the seminars held? : First Place Learning training is conducted at your site or on-line at a mutually agreed upon schedule. We do not conduct public training on a fixed schedule. Most training is done in the USA.

    How long does it take? : The courses require 1 to 5 days each, depending on the requirements of your organization. We typically need a month lead time to schedule and arrange for the training.

    How much do the seminars cost? : After a discussion of your requirements, we will provide your company with a price quote.

    Can the courses be modified? : Yes, we can modify the courses to meet specific requirements for a fee. If needed, we can provide a fixed quote after we determine the specific requirements of your organization.

  • The Analytical Puzzle

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